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Corrizon Revolutionizes the Fight Against Corrosion

The Problem of corrosion

Total worldwide cost of corrosion is approx. 4,000,000,000,000 $/year,
276 billion $/year in USA alone.





UL Environmental Standards GREENGUARD Certification

GREENGUARD® The GREENGUARD Certification Program is a global environmental sustainability standard issued by the American safety consulting company UL. It assures that products designed for use in indoor spaces meet strict chemical emissions limits. Corrizon was awarded the highest standard, GREENGUARD Gold Certification, with stricter certification criteria to ensure that it is acceptable for use in environments such as schools and healthcare facilities.

  • Corrosion requires 3 components to occur.
    Corrosion takes the oxygen out.

  • After applying Corrizon:
    1. Rust is capsulized
    2. CAM starts penetrating into the metal.

  • Scavenging properties remove oxygen from the metal and Carbon goes in.

  • No oxygen can come in the metal anymore and CAM continues penetrating.

How to apply

Corrizon is a solution for both the treatment and prevention of rust. It can be applied to damp or semi-dried surfaces and works on a variety of metals including zinc.

Corrizon is effective in extremely thin coats (as little as 40-60 microns) and can even be applied to already rusted or corroded metals. It penetrates inside the metal and behaves like its immune system.

It encapsulates the rust molecules inside the metal’s surface, creating a new protective layer that blocks oxygen and prevents further damage.

IKA laboratories Ltd.
Salt Water Spray Test

In a side-by-side comparison concucted by analysis agency IKA Laboratories Ltd. metal panels with and without Corrizon coating were subjected to salt water spray tests. Even in the 1,000 hour test, Corrizon was found to prevent corrosion and slow the reduction of panel thickness.

Corrizon coated panel Nomal metal panel
Presence of Rust on Metal Panel Not Observed Observed
Reduction of Metal Panel
0.00 3.1

Cross Section of Corrizon-Treated Panel
A - Salt water spray test after 300 hours B - Salt water spray test after 1,000 hours
1 - Corrizon coat 2 - Corrosion Product 3 - Oxide Layer 4 - Steel Panel 5 - Paint

California Polytechnic State University
Permeability Test

Research into Corrizon's ability to permeate surface paint and reach the metal substrate was conducted by California Polytechnic State University. SEM and EDS analysis over 7 days following treatment confirmed the presence of carbon atoms in the paint layer and substrate.

Most permeation took place on Day 4 (45μ permeation).
Complete Corrizon permeation was observed on Day 7 after coating.
Even when applied on top of old paint, Corrizon showed effective protection against metal corrosion.

Past Results

Case Study

The Conventional Application Of Anti-Corrosion Paint Vs. CORRIZON BASE On An Area Approx., 5,000 Sq. Meters

Corrizon Base Vs. Conventional Methods Work Process

CORRIZON BASE can be applied on a damp surface

No need to apply during or immediately following the cleaning process

Basic painting time 2-4 hours and one can wait until the completion of cleaning the entire area.

Environmentally friendly – no debris to clear after sanding

Minimal protective gear to applicator.


  • 3-4 Workers per Day
  • Worker Cost per day 194 $


The Conventional Application Of AntiCorrosion Paint
On An Area Approx., 5,000 Sq. Meters:

Only for stage one
Cost of material ± 60k
$ Cost of 4 workers ±19 k
$ Work days ±25 days
Toatal cost for stage one -79 K $

After Sand Blast Cleaning, The Base Paint Primer Coat Should Be Applied Within 2-4 Hours

The following parameters were obtained:
1:4 Base coverage capacity
1: 5 Intermediate coverage capacity
1: 8 Upper coverage capacity

The Application Of CORRIZON BASE
On An Area of ​​approx., 5,000 Sq. Meters:

Only for stage 1
Cost of material ± 30 k
$ Cost of 3 workers ± 6 k
$ Work days ± 10 days
Total cost for stage one – 36K $

After Cleaning W/ Water Pressure
There Is No Need Or Rush To Immediately Apply CB After Cleaning The Entire Area. The Surface Is Protected.

The following parameters were obtained:
1:15 CB -Coverage capacity
1:5 Intermediate coverage cap
s1:8 Upper coverage capacity

*The cost is only for stage one and not includes an intermediate paint layer according to client request

Corrizon Base Advantages Vs. Conventional Methods

Conventional method


*Paints Made From Multiple Hazardous Materials

*High VOC – Hazardous

*Site-Preparation, Harsh & Environmentally Harmful (Sand Blasting & Grinding)

*Mandatory Base Coat Application Required Within 2-4 Hours Before Oxidation Begins

*8 Sq. Meters Surface Area Coverage Capacity Per Liter

*Weather Limitations - Surface Area Must Be Completely Dry Before Applying Paint

* Work Time, 2 x Longer Than CORRIZON

*Applicable To Any Surface

*Drying Time - A Few Days

*Water-based, Single Component

*Low VOC - Eco-Friendly

*Simple Site And Surface Area Preparation

*Penetrates Metal Substrate (Immunization)

*Non-Toxic - Environmentally Friendly

*20 Sq. Meters Surface Area Coverage Capacity Per Liter

*Can Be Applied In All Weather Conditions

*USA UL Green guard Gold Standard

* Drying Time - Up To 1 Hour

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